Moraiolo is one of the most renowned and valuable olive cultivar that provides one of the best oils of our Peninsula. What makes this olive tree special is the high polyphenolic concentration in its fruit. With fruity taste and a bitter and slightly spicy finish, its oil is counted among the DOP Umbria.


The Frantoio is a variety of olive tree that probably originates from Tuscany, and is among the most cultivated species both in Italy and abroad. Frantoio produces a dense and aromatic oil, with dark green color that let you see beautiful golden veins. The taste provides a good sapidity, with beautiful fragrances and fruity flavors that always close with a bitter and slightly spicy aftertaste. It is counted among the DOP Umbria.


The Leccino Italian genetic heritage is today the most widespread even outside our national borders. The oil produced by Leccino has a fresh flavor, with a slightly bitter and fruity taste with some spicy tones. The color is golden with greenish shades. It is counted among the DOP Umbria.


The Coratina olive tree certainly represents one of the most widespread and appreciated varieties of Puglia. The oil obtained from the pressing of the olives is excellent and is distinguished by a high concentration of polyphenols. Its color is yellow with golden reflections, tending to green, and it is very aromatic and fruity, with hints of artichoke and grass, due to the particular oleuropein polyphenol.


The Nocellara del Belice represents a very valuable cultivar and is among the Sicilian indigenous varieties probably one of the most esteemed ever. On the nose, the oil shows a medium intensity olive fruitiness accompanied by notes of almond, green tomato, cut grass and artichoke. The taste is bitter, slightly spicy and with a hint of sweet.


Born from the foresight of Prof. Camposseo (University of Bari, Italy) and Agromillora Spain, it is the result of the cross between the Italian Leccino and the Spanish Arbosana. Lecciana produces oil of the highest quality, winner of important awards all over the world thanks to its very high content of polyphenols that make it unique.


Born from the innovative idea of ​​Prof. Fontanazza (Director of the Institute of Oliviculture of CNR Perugia, Umbria) in 1993. The Favolosa FS17 comes from free pollination of the Frantoio variety. Herbaceous taste, medium intense fruity, with spiciness that prevails over the light bitterness with characteristics of Ogliarola Barese / Cima di Bitonto, with an early and early harvest period.


Koroneiki represents the main oil cultivar of Greece. It is considered an excellent pollen producer. With a rich green color, and a delicate fruity flavor, the aroma and scent of the precious nectar is particularly intense, being very rich in vitamins, it has a very high nutritional value. The quality of Koroneiki oil is excellent and stable over time.


Arbequina is the typical olive tree of the provinces of Lérida and Tarragona. Aromatic taste, with fruity aromas of banana and apple. Ripe arbequina oils are reminiscent of children's fruit porridges. Arbequina oil is suitable for those looking for an extra virgin olive oil with a delicate flavor.


Don Carlo cultivar was born in Umbria, developed by Prof. Fontanazza and represents the flagship of avant-garde olive growing in central Italy. Don Carlo (patent. IRO-CNR N ° RM99NV000020) expresses an oil with medium intense fruitiness and a slightly bitter aftertaste.


Born in Spain, developed by the High-Tech Nursery Agromillora, Oliana represents the cross between the Arbequina and Arbosana cultivar. Experimented in various countries including Italy, Tunisia, Chile and the United States, it represents the most productive cultivar in the world. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Oliana is sweet and delicate.


Leccio Del Corno was identified in 1929 in San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Florence) by prof. Morettini at the Corno farm, from which it takes its name. Very fashionable in recent years in central Italy, it produces a green oil, medium fruity, slightly spicy and with a bitter aftertaste with a good content in polyphenols.


Our pollinators have been placed in the most ventilated areas of our olive groves to spread their pollens, in order to offer a better and optimal inflorescence capacity. The selected qualities are: Giaraffa, Pendolino, Piantone di Mogliano.


We have decided to use an Experimental Field within our Company to test the following cultivars: 07, 01, Manzanilla, Tosca, Maurino, Giulia, Canino, Perenzana, together with new qualities under study and not yet available on the market.


The White Olive, with scientific name of Olea Europaea Leucocarpa. It is an ancient variety of olive, also known as Leucolea. It is an olive tree that, unique in the world, produces white drupes. From these we obtain a very particular oil, used in ancient times as an ointment. The white olive is an absolute heritage of our biodiversity.