Modern and elegant, in a context that respects the environment and the surrounding architectural heritage, it will be completed in 2025.

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Discover our mill to understand how our unique and exclusive product is milled.


Post-harvest, the olives undergo a thorough cleaning process, utilizing vibrating screens and air blowers to meticulously remove extraneous elements such as leaves and twigs. This critical step sets the stage for the pristine quality of the oil to come.


The cleaned olives, pits included, enter the next phase where they are expertly crushed or ground into a rich paste. This process employs cutting-edge machinery such as stainless steel crushers or precision hammer mills, ensuring optimal rupture of cell walls to release the coveted olive oil.


Following the crushing, the olive paste undergoes malaxation, a delicate mixing process. This step, performed in horizontal malaxers (Ggramole) allows the fusion of minuscule oil droplets into larger, more cohesive entities, facilitating subsequent extraction.


The refined paste advances to a decanter or horizontal centrifuge, a marvel of modern engineering. This apparatus separates the oil from water and solids, harnessing the power of centrifugal force to delineate the distinct components of the paste.


The separated components—oil, water, and pomace—are further delineated through a vertical centrifuge or separator. This precision separation ensures that the resulting oil is of the utmost purity and quality.


The culmination of this intricate process yields the prized extra virgin olive oil, a liquid gold that demands careful preservation. The final product is housed in stainless steel tanks or dark glass bottles, shielding it from detrimental effects of light and air. This meticulous storage safeguards the oil's integrity and preserves its premium quality.

Throughout this entire journey, our Mill prioritize controlled temperatures to prevent undesirable chemical changes and adhere to stringent hygiene standards.

This commitment ensures the production of extra virgin olive oil that not only meets but exceeds the highest culinary and quality expectations.