Discover the Largest Organic Olive Grove of Italy

Discover the Largest Organic Olive Grove of Italy

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Welcome to an immersive journey through the heart of our olive grove, where nature's bounty meets human craftsmanship to create the liquid gold known as extra virgin olive oil. This tour invites you to witness the harmonious dance between sustainable farming practices, traditional methods, and modern technology that result in the exceptional quality of our organic extra virgin olive oil. As you step into our olive grove, be prepared to be engulfed by the mesmerizing scent of centuries-old olive trees. Learn about the varietals we cultivate, the importance of organic farming, and the symbiotic relationship between the trees and the surrounding ecosystem. Stroll through the serene landscape and feel the connection to the land that gives life to our olive oil. Join us for an exclusive look behind the scenes as we reveal our state-of-the-art mill and cutting-edge machinery. Immerse yourself in the exciting journey of witnessing the ongoing progress and development of our brand new facilities. Get a firsthand glimpse into the innovation and technology that power our operations, marking a significant leap forward in the production of our exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

*The Tour includes a guided tour lasting approximately two hours, the price of the Tour is per person. (Children under the age of 14 are exempt from the cost of the ticket)

*If weather conditions do not allow the Tour to proceed smoothly, the cost of the ticket will be fully refunded.

*Cancellation of the Tour can be made up to 24 hours before the selected date and time. The refund will be paid within 7 days of notification of cancellation. A 22% deduction will be applied to the amount paid for the cancellation of the Tour.

When preparing for your tour of the olive grove it's essential to dress comfortably and appropriately for both the outdoor and indoor elements of the experience. Here are some practical and stylish suggestions:

  1. Comfortable Footwear
  2. Weather-Appropriate Clothing
  3. Sun Protection
  4. Casual and Practical Attire
  5. Layers for Changing Temperatures
  6. Bag or Backpack
  7. Dress Respectfully

Remember, the goal is to be comfortable, protected, and ready to fully enjoy the immersive experience of the olive grove

Enjoy your journey!

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Experiencing the Olive Grove.


The organic olive grove itself was a verdant oasis, a testament to the meticulous care and sustainable practices employed by the dedicated team.

Mike Marwing

Los Angeles, CA


What sets this tour apart is the passion and knowledge of the guides. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and their ability to seamlessly blend history, tradition, and innovation made the entire experience both educational and entertaining.

Francesco Amanti

Rome, Italy


In summary, this tour is not just a visit—it's a pilgrimage for anyone who appreciates the artistry behind exceptional olive oil. It's an exploration of the senses, a celebration of sustainable farming, and an ode to the timeless tradition of olive oil production.

Amanda Fox

New York


The tour provided fascinating insights into the construction process, from the initial stages to the intricate details of the machinery installations. The engineering precision on display is a testament to the expertise behind the project, promising a future where quality and innovation are paramount.

Gabriella Alessandri

Florence, Italy